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Trash Bag Rack - SUSAN BIJL

A bare essential wire frame, to make this new Trash Bag perfect for recycling paper and glass, as a laundry basket, or for storage.
KaapseWill’ns - bar

Bar design for Kaapse Brouwers.    .2020 
Clean DIY take on Art Deco.

SUSAN BIJL - packaging

Paper sleeve for “SUSAN BIJL x BERTJAN POT” collection, graphic design by 75B   . 2020


Illustrations for SUSAN BIJL.   2020


Mannequin concept for HANS BOODT - Mannequins.    2017

Kaapse Kaap - bar

Bar design for the new headquarter of Kaapse Brouwers.   2020

Snijlab - sample box

Material sample box and sample postcard for Snijlab lasercutting    .2016


Ceiling Lampshades for Snijlab - lasercutting    .2015
Rope Lamp .016

Pendant Lights made of plastic rope for Lola - Bar & Kitchen Rotterdam    .2016