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dots cord

- multi socket -
green & purple

No matter how many meters this extension cord needs to travel criss cross the space, the festive Dots Cord is joy for the eye!

‘Multi socket’ includes an EU plug on one end of the cord and 3 x EU sockets on the other end.

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Power cable,
Woolen felt balls,
hardware as selected.

Handmade in The Netherlands
(at studio Rein Reitsma)

Made to order
Please contact for custom enquiries.

Technical data

Cord length:  300 / 500 cm
(as selected)
Felt balls: Ø 2,5 cm
Ceiling cap: white, round Ø 10 cm,
height 2,4 cm
EU plug male:
fits EU wall socket
E27 Lamp fixture:
fits EU light bulbs (Big screw)

Weight: 300 / 500 g

Design Year: 2023