Ro. Plastic Prize

concepts for Rossana Orlandi Plastic Prize.
used polyesther palletstraps, solder iron, MDF molds, vintage steeltubing, vintage glassware, clockwork.

A material engineered to be strong and highly durable, but only used once—can still be considered waste. Rein acknowledged this thought and investigated the great possibilities that he saw within the plastic pallet straps that were thrown away weekly by a local laser cutting service. The objects Rein made became material showcases of those possibilities

Simultaneously to objects made entirely out of strap (such as a tennis racket), he also created assemblies with second hand products. These second hand products were repurposed by the techniques developed with the plastic straps. Rein’s eventual collection, shows a different way of re-using discarded plastic. The material isn’t shredded to fit a design but objects are made according to the pre-existing material qualities.

The products and design methodology encourages small design studios as well as bigger companies to take on leftover materials in the design process in an earlier stage. Additionally the project supports producers to rethink the purpose of their production leftovers all together, by pairing up with designer.

Ro. Plastic Prize

Rein send these objects in for the Rossana Orlandi Plastic Prize.

Special thanks to Snijlab - lasercutting for all the used straps and technical support.

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