alcova 2023


basketclub show + book launch

Time flies when you're having fun!
To celebrate three years (!) of @_basketclub_ and 300+ baskets made for the project we’ve had a show and book launch @alcova.milano 2023.

The baskets shown represented a range of different approaches, including technical, aesthetic, conceptual, playful, and historical. Each designer brings their unique fascination and cultural context to the theme.

Proud to be clubbing with:
Chris kabel,
Simone post
Lex Pott
Rik van Veen
Earnest Studio
Carole Baijings
Bertjan Pot
Garth Roberts
Michael Schöner
Stine Aas
Tamara Orjola
SCMP Designoffice
Esmé Hofman
Clara von Zweigbergk
Evey Kwong
Doi & Jaena
Jamie Wolfond
Rebecca Collins
Samy Rio
Studio Satel
Shigeki Fujishiro
- and ofcourse
Adrianus Kundert.

photo above: Evey Kwong

The book is sold out, sorry ‘:-)

Basketclub Book - 2023
Book design: Koos Breen
works on page: Earnest Studio, Shigeki Fujishiro

works on page: Chris Kabel