Modular playset combining wooden joints and pencils. For HEMA - Designcontest.  2020
Rediscover your color set with this playset that turns ordinary pencils into joints and hinges for creating structures and animals.

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Getting into basketry techniques by Trial, Error and advancing.  2020
Encouraged by the Instagram account of
@_basketclub_ an international group of designers weave a basket every two weeks. Since Rein was already learning the basics of basketry he kind of invited himself to join.

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SUSAN BIJL - packaging

Paper sleeve for The New Shopping Bag of Susan Bijl.  2020
Finished off with graphic design by 75B,  this new flash-shaped and coloured sleeve by Rein will be released with the new  SUSAN BIJL x BERTJAN POT” collection in September 2020.  

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Illustrations for Susan Bijl.   2020
Rein made Illustrations of all the SUSAN BIJL-products for their internal studio. Initially commissioned for use on packaging and labels, the vector images also appeared to be a perfect tool for creating new collections.

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