Every product around you is made of material that more or less is edited with a technique. What do we get when we play with the context of form, material, and technique?








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Rein Reitsma (1991) is a Rotterdam-based designer and artist who investigates alternative ways of making products. By being able to place all sorts of materials and techniques in a different context, Rein delivers experimental and functional cross-overs. From concepts up to products on commission. The outcome surprises by unusual and clever use of materials, crafted by self-made tools when needed.

All works appear playfull, easy to understand and set up a smile. Opening your eyes for the materiality of the objects that surround you, shifting your perception of what seemed ordinary and absolute.

2021 Participant of Driving DutchDesign
Amsterdam / Eindhoven
february 2021 - today

2021 Happy member of @_basketclub_
brief 6 ✉️ - today

2020 Finalist Hema Design Contest 2020
4-23 September 2020

2020 Studio / office Industrieweg 87
Rotterdam- The Netherlands

22 May 2020 - today

2020 OBJECT - Rotterdam 
OBJECT - Rotterdam
Vierhavensstraat 38-42
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
7-9 january 2020

2019 freelance designer/ shop team Susan Bijl
Mauritsweg 45a
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
juni 2019 - today

2018 Dutch Design Week beams and seams - DDW2018
Evenementenruimte Piet Hein Eek
Eindhoven- The Netherlands
oktober 2018

Studio / office Spanjaardstraat 131 B-01
Rotterdam- The Netherlands

february 2017 - 2019

2015 freelance designer/ Snijlab team
Snijlab - lasercutting van Helmontstraat 23
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
march 2015 - november 2019

2015 Bachelor of Design Product design
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
january 2015

2014 Knaapje in distribution
Hans Boodt - Mannequins
Zwijndrecht- The Netherlands
march 2014 - today

2014 Freelance designer
Studio Chris Kabel
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
november 2013 - today (on call)

2013 Internship Studio Chris Kabel
Office Party   
/   Wood Cracker
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
february – august 2013

2011 Propedeuse
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
september 2011

2011 BSc Industrial Design
TU-Delft Technical University
Delft- The Netherlands
september 2010 - june 2010