Working inbetween the fields of product design and art, Rein patiently plays and crafts, and presents objects - colorful objects that get featured in design shows, fairs and on the @_basketclub_ instagram.

“For who my name and work is new I tend to describe what I do as cutting, folding, bending, melting, weaving — crafting in a way. Because I believe the DIY-process is an important step even when I’m designing a product. Not only does it show me how something works, and makes me understand why something doesn’t work. Most of all I do interesting, unexpected, discoveries and learn to keep thinking in alternatives.   

That’s why I’m eager to keep learning and to keep getting surprised by the process of making.”  

From concepts up to products on commission Rein’s work is described playfull, easy to understand and to often set up a smile.

@_basketclub_ about Rein:

Rein Reitsma (1991) graduated from Willem de Kooning Academy, Rotterdam in 2015 and has since been working on playful, straightforward products and artworks both autonomously and on demand. The former intern of Chris Kabel seems to have inherited their intuitive, contextual approach to design — his solutions often employ existing materials in surprising ways. It is for this reason that Rein particularly enjoys cooperations with furniture labels and design research organisations.

2023 Alcova - Salone Milano
Basketclub show + book launch
April 2023

Knots & Knits - U-JOINTS
Helsinki Design Week Finland
May 2022

2022 OBJECT - Rotterdam
Pixel Pot
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
20-22 May 2020

2022 A5 Book ‘rein reitsma    works 2019 - 2021’
To get a copy see here
For a free PDF see here
January 2022

2021 HOW & WOW - BASK IT! @_basketclub_ x CraftsCouncil NL
Dutch Design Week - Eindhoven
October 2021

2021 Participant of Driving DutchDesign
Amsterdam / Eindhoven
February 2021 - today

2021 Happy member of @_basketclub_
brief 6 ✉️ - today

2020 Finalist Hema Design Contest 2020
4-23 September 2020

2020 Studio / office Industrieweg 87
Rotterdam- The Netherlands

22 May 2020 - today

2020 OBJECT - Rotterdam 
OBJECT - Rotterdam
Vierhavensstraat 38-42
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
7-9 January 2020

2019 freelance designer/ shop team Susan Bijl
Mauritsweg 45a
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
June 2019 - today

2018 Dutch Design Week beams and seams - DDW2018
Evenementenruimte Piet Hein Eek
Eindhoven- The Netherlands
oktober 2018

Studio / office Spanjaardstraat 131 B-01
Rotterdam- The Netherlands

february 2017 - 2019

2015 freelance designer/ Snijlab team
Snijlab - lasercutting van Helmontstraat 23
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
march 2015 - november 2019

2015 Bachelor of Design Product design
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
january 2015

2014 Knaapje in distribution
Hans Boodt - Mannequins
Zwijndrecht- The Netherlands
march 2014 - today

2014 Freelance designer
Studio Chris Kabel
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
november 2013 - today (on call)

2013 Internship Studio Chris Kabel
Office Party   
/   Wood Cracker
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
february – august 2013

2011 Propedeuse
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
september 2011

2011 BSc Industrial Design
TU-Delft Technical University
Delft- The Netherlands
september 2010 - june 2010