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Rein Reitsma (1991) is a Rotterdam based designer who works on self-initiated and commissioned projects. His work is diverse going from collectibles made of materials that are used in an unexpected way up to playful human-like characters and furniture. Nevertheless, each piece is typical because of Rein’s optimistic and playful approach.

The starting point of a project can be an image, a material or just a goofy idea that Rein got excited about. With a lot of patience and always avoiding the easy way, Rein starts experimenting with common techniques and invents new production methods and tools when needed.

One of his most typical works is Knaapje. The life-sized funny looking character is a combination of the well-known 3D dinosaur puzzle and the high school biology skeleton. Knaapje is now part of the collection of Hans Boodt - mannequins as a shop display. 


2020 OBJECT - Rotterdam  OBJECT - Rotterdam
Vierhavensstraat 38-42
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
7-9 january 2020

2019 freelance designer/ shop team Susan Bijl
Mauritsweg 45a
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
juni 2019 - today

2018 Dutch Design Week beams and seams - DDW2018
Evenementenruimte Piet Hein Eek
Eindhoven- The Netherlands
oktober 2018

Studio / office Spanjaardstraat 131 B-01
Rotterdam- The Netherlands

february 2017 - today

2015 freelance designer/ Snijlab team
Snijlab - lasercutting van Helmontstraat 23
Rotterdam- The Netherlands
march 2015 - november 2019

2015 Bachelor of Design Product design
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
january 2015

2014 Knaapje in distribution
Hans Boodt - Mannequins
Zwijndrecht- The Netherlands
march 2014 - today

2014 Freelance designer
Studio Chris Kabel
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
november 2013 - today (on call)

2013 Internship Studio Chris Kabel
Office Party
Wood Cracker
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
february – august 2013

2011 Propedeuse
Willem de Kooning Academy
Rotterdam - The Netherlands
september 2011 

2011 BSc Industrial Design
TU-Delft Technical University
Delft- The Netherlands
september 2010 - june 2010