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Kaapse Kaap - bar

When Kaapse Brouwers found a new location for their main bar they got themselves a difficult task. Setting up a bar within a tight 19 square meters. Rein was asked to think along with the team and to come up with an overall concept.

The new venue at FENIX 1 is a stripped wharf on the same dock, just a few meters away from were Kaapse Brouwers started in 2014. A low entrance, with Industrial concrete and piping would be the unpolished background. "We would like to re-use materials from the old bar ... we love Do-It-Yourself (DIY)solutions ... Have you ever seen a Chinese  Hutong ? We completely feel that vibe!”

After puzzling with the floorplan Rein came up with a DIY take on this Chinese team. A Bamboo-like tap installation from PVC-pipes, a countertop of reclaimed wood from the old bar and red being the main color.  All neatly fit into the narrow space.

Build by Chop Shop Furniture.