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Paper sleeve for The New Shopping Bag of SUSAN BIJL    .2020

The bags of SUSAN BIJL® are world-famous in Rotterdam. Big part of the success is the long-lasting quality and the signature flash. To reduce the environmental impact of the product even more, the plastic packaging got replaced in 2019.  When Rein joined the Susan Bijl-team that same year, he did like the idea of a paper sleave but also acknowledged the discussion that was going within the studio. “We miss the visibilty of the flash and the folded bag needs explanation”.

The flash-shaped and coloured sleeve Rein proposed, that in addition doesn't need any glue, met with all of the team’s wishes.

Finished off with graphic design by 75B,  this new packaging is released with the new  SUSAN BIJL x BERTJAN POT collection in September 2020.