Getting into basketry techniques by Trial, Error and advancing.  2020

Encouraged by the Instagram account of @_basketclub_ an international group of designers weave a basket every two weeks. The best get posted and so get to be seen by the growing audience.

Since Rein was already learning the basics of basketry he kind of invited himself to join.


Small Basket made of used palletstraps and an easy going plain weave .

Small Basket made with the same plain weave but combined with welds.
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‘week 6: ✉’. 

Medium Basket made by starting with a hexagonal weave.  After that, the pattern is filled systematically making it into a Mad weave. Pictures show the mad weave in process. 

A vase-shaped basket made using the Berber Basket technique.

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‘week 12:



Ongoing project. For questions and inquiries contact here