Kluspakketten (DIY-kits) is a furniture collection designed exclusively with standard homedepot materials and tools.
Each product comes as a DIY-Kit with patterns, as known from making clothes. 
A manual and a list of ingredients is included so the driven handyman with basic skills is able to make himself real design objects.

basis materiaal:
(4x) electrabuis 5/8"
(1x) electra tape
(6x) fitting E14 glad

eetkamer stoel
h 44cm
basis materiaal:
(2x) 50x32mm 200cm vuren ruw
(2x) 488x408x18mm multiplex

h 74cm - b 184cm - d 92cm
basis materiaal:
(4x) paalhouderpunt 5x5cm
(2x) vuren 33x69mm 210cm
(2x) MDF vochtwerend 18mm 184x92cm

h 170cm
basis materiaal:
(4X) plankdragers 27mm wit
(2x) wanddragers wit
(..x) plankdrager 30cm

h 164cm
basis materiaal:
(1x) PVC wit 2M
(1x) PVC wit 1M
(7x) bocht PVC-koppelstuk-wit 45gr
(3x) glasweefselbehang; strook 43cm
(1x) glasweefsel lijm

tv kast
h 70cm - b 102cm - d 34cm
basis materiaal:
(5x) 50x32mm 200cm vuren ruw
(1x) MDF vochtwerend; rest materiaal eettafel

The inspiration for 'DIY Kits’ came from works by Gerrit Rietveld, Enzo Mari ...

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