DIY-kits for graduation project
standard homedepot materials and tool.

Kluspakketten (DIY-kits) is a furniture collection designed exclusively with standard homedepot materials and tools.
Each product comes as a DIY-Kit with patterns, as known from making clothes. 
A manual and a list of ingredients is included so the driven handyman with basic skills is able to make himself real design objects.

The inspiration for 'DIY Kits’ came from works by Gerrit Rietveld, Enzo Mari ...

electrical pipe, electrical tape ... 

glassfibre wallpaper, glue and bucket ...

spruce beams, birch multiplex ...

spruce beam, wall shelving system, bolts ...

basic materials:
(4x) electrical pipe 5/8"
(1x) electrical tape 
(6x) lamp holder E14

eetkamer stoel
h 44cm
basic materials:
(2x) 50x32mm 200cm spruce beam
(2x) 488x408x18mm birch multiplex

h 74cm - b 184cm - d 92cm
basic materials:
(4x) steel fence post anchors 5x5cm
(2x) spruce beams 33x69mm 210cm
(2x) water repellant MDF 18mm 184x92cm

h 170cm
basic materials:
(4X) wall shelving system 27mm white 

h 164cm
basic materials:
(1x) PVC pipe white 2M
(1x) PVC pipe white 1M
(7x) PVC-joint -white 45gr
(3x) glassfibre wallpaper 43cm
(1x) wallpaper glue

tv kast
h 70cm - b 102cm - d 34cm
basic materials:
(5x) 50x32mm 200cm spruce beams
(1x) water repellant MDF; left-overs of eettafel

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